Seeds of Hope Fundraiser

for the Akwesasne Mohawk Freedom School Gardens and Native American Seed Sanctuary

Your donation supports the sacred seed gardens at the Freedom School- a Mohawk language and cultural immersion school in Akwesasne.

“Keeping our language and our seeds alive is important, because without them we no longer exist as a people. Without them we’re not able to communicate with the creator or with the other species on the planet, it’s the way we pick medicine, it’s the way we live.” —Mary Arquette, Haudenosaunee environmental activist, cultural educator, and co-leader of the Native American Seed Sanctuary.

As a thank you, each donation will receive a limited edition seed pack with Onondaga Sunflower seeds grown at the sanctuary. To honor the important cultural revitalization work of the Freedom School, the pack features artwork by Onondaga artist Brandon Lazore and is written in the Mohawk Language. Translations for the pack and more about Lazore’s artwork will be available online.

These needed funds will support the Freedom School gardens in soil improvement, bean trellises, infrastructure construction, new tools, and expanded education programs for youth and their families. It will also support Seedshed’s work rematriating seeds to Akwesasne and facilitating cross-cultural programs with leaders and youth from Akwesasne at the Native American Seed Sanctuary in the Hudson Valley.

You can donate any amount. Niawen’kó:wa – Thank you very much!

$20 will include a thank you Onondaga Sunflower seed pack mailed to you!
$35 will include two Onondaga Sunflower seed packs.
$65 includes four Onondaga Sunflower seed packs.
$100 includes four Onondaga Sunflower seed packs and a limited edition signed art print of Brandon Lazore’s artwork.