Take the 2017 Seed Challenge!

Whether you're a seasoned seed steward or a first-time seed saver, we want to hear about it. Pledge to take the Seed Challenge with us and let the world know you care about seeds!

Here's how it works:

1. Grow Plants and Collect Seeds


2. Clean and Dry Seeds

One of the most important factors in seed longevity is moisture, or more accurately, the absence of moisture. Drying seeds properly helps ensure they will not be damaged during cleaning, and is the single most important thing you can do to make sure you seeds will stay viable for many years to come.

3. Check Seed Quality

This step is not 100% necessary. But especially if you're new to seed saving, a simple germination test can ensure you've done everything right and have good quality seeds to share. Never set up a germ test before? It's easy...and we'll send you instructions!

4. Package Seeds and Share

This is the fun part! What can appear to be a small seed harvest, is still often hundreds or thousands of seeds. A small spoonful of seeds goes a long way to planting many gardens in the future.

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a spoonful of seeds (2).jpg

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