Native American Seed Sanctuary

Preservation, celebration, and rematriation.

Supporting Haudenosaunee/Iroquois Seed Stewardship

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The Native American Seed Sanctuary is a farm where endangered seeds are grown and protected. But more than that, it is a place where seeds can remain connected with their cultural roots. By rematriating seeds from the sanctuary to their home communities, this project goes beyond preservation and nurtures cultural restoration, cultivates inter-cultural reconciliation, and celebrates the resilience of seeds and people.

Participating Communities:

Leadership: Mohawk community in Akwesasne, NY and Indigenous Seed Keepers Network
 Hudson Valley Farm Hub
First Planting:
2019 Seeds:
 Six Nations Blue Corn, Buffalo Creek Squash, Canada Crookneck Squash, Mother Earth Bean, Skunk Bean, Onondaga Sunflowers, and more.

For the community members of Akwesasne Mohawk community in northern New York, seeds are not just commodities to be planted for food, they are sacred. When their seeds disappear, so do their ceremonies, language, songs, farming practices, and connections to their ancestors. Haudenosaunee seed keeper Rowen White has been collecting seeds from elders of the Iroquois nations to help keep her heritage alive, and she asked Ken Greene to help respectfully steward a few of the varieties.

Learn more about the Native American Seed Sanctuary at Hudson Valley Farm Hub.

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