Seed People Portraits

People developed relationships with seeds thousands of years ago. We’ve continued to co-evolve throughout history with seeds becoming more dependent on people and people becoming more dependent on seeds. Today our lives are intertwined with the lives of seeds whether we’re aware of it or not. And the people behind the scenes- caring for seeds, protecting seed diversity, fighting for seed freedom, struggling for seed justice, and sharing seeds through community- are almost as invisible as the seeds.

Help us shine a light on seed people and the seeds they love.

Name Tina Karahkwino Square
Seed Mohawk Red Bread Corn
Saving Tips We’ll be seeing Tina soon and adding her seed saving advice for flour corn here!
Name Aabir Dey
Seed Korean Purple Garlic
Saving Tips You can save true garlic seed but you can also save bulbils – a lovely way to diversify garlic.

Seeds are for sharing and so are these portraits! You can share on social media or download our curriculum guide if you want to include these images when you’re teaching seed saving, decorating your seed library, or hoping to inspire your community to understand the cultural connection we share with seeds. If you’d like to hear more about each person, their personal, agricultural, and cultural relationship with the variety, and the seed’s story, sign up for our newsletter.

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